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The platform and infrastructure preferred by professionals. upWP is optimized to run the most performance-intensive and high traffic websites and online services.

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Scalable Enterprise Hosting

Ensure Your Growth with upWP

  • Leverage world class performance
  • Unlock leading expertise
  • Rely on built-in failsafe automation
  • Protect yourself with proactive security

Concierge Solutions for Every Digital Presence

Dedicated Account Managers

 upWP account managers solving problems.

Detailed Downtime Reports & Logging

 upWP account managers solving problems.

White-Glove Onboarding & Professional Migrations

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Proactive Maintenance & Uptime Monitoring

 upWp server solutions and proactive maintenace.

World Class Infrastructure

Performance & Stability

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Built-In Security & Backups

Enterprise-grade security including edge protection, monitoring, and documentation including an annual SOC 2 audits and ISO 27001 certification ensure your sites are following the most sensitive industry security requirements.

Expert Assistance

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Streamlined Developer Workflow

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70 Million+

Attacks blocked daily by our security solutions

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Managing Your Site Should Be Effortless, Without the Headaches & Stress of Things Going Wrong

From pre-launch, to going live, and beyond - we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Five 9s

99.999% Uptime prevents loss of sales, leads, & purchases

upWP server solutions.

Failsafe Features

Redundancy, and failover mechanisms keep your site compliant

upWP server solutions.

The Most Trusted WordPress Platform

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The Brightest Minds in WordPress

Up your speed, security, and get unmatched scalability for an elevated online presence.

Elevate Your Hosting
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